Verschillende componisten krijgen tijdens MMF de kans om hun zelfgeschreven stukken te laten horen. Dit zijn de componisten van 2024

componist MMF 2024

Dinah Bianchi

Award-winning Michigan composer, Dinah Bianchi, seeks to create vibrantly exciting music; music that is sublime, beautiful and with the communicative power that drives the creative spirit of all artists. She is well versed in a variety of musical genres with a portfolio that includes music for orchestra, concert band, string ensemble, chamber ensemble, solo works, as well as electronic music. Well received both nationally and internationally, Bianchi’s music has been performed in concert halls located in Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, and the United States. Recently, she completed a recording session for “Chasse Noir” with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The recording was released by Navona Records in August of 2022. Moving forward, she’s anticipating the release of her self-titled album, Dinah Bianch: First Impressions, in May of 2024.

componist MMF 2024

Yu Chiej Chang

Irene Chang, 22 years old, born in Taiwan, started to learn piano since 2 years old, been a composer for over 10 years, currently study in Taipei National University of Arts, major in Composition.

Got accepted into Boston Conservatory of Berklee in 2023, Film Scoring Academy of Europe in 2024 and California State University Master of music in Composition in 2024.

Attended Golden Music Awards – Academia in 2020 and Screen Composer Academy in 2022, done two collaboration with Hakka music in 2019 and 2021. Wrote music for the graduation ceremony of TNUA in 2023. Attendee of MMF | the Netherlands 2024.

componist MMF 2024

Gaston Gosselin

Gaston Gosselin (b. 1999) is an American composer whose music is a playful yet
thoughtful exploration of outward joy and inner reflection. His work has been
commissioned and performed by groups such as the Eureka Ensemble, Kendall Square Orchestra, South Florida Youth Symphony, Lès Art Nouveau Chalumeaux, as well as the University of Cinncinati Cello Society for the 2023 Ascent International Chamber Music Festival.

Gaston’s compositions have earned him recognition and awards, including the Emil
and Ruth Beyer Composition Award from the National Federation of Music Clubs, the Molly Garrett & June Fooshee Collegiate Grant from the Music Club of Hollywood Florida, and Mu Phi Epsilon from whom he received the Ruth Dean Morris Scholarship and the Original Composition Award in Divisions I, II, and III. He has also been a finalist for the Morton Gould ASCAP Awards and a runner-up for a Liana K Grants-In-Aid Award. He has served as a fellow with notable festivals such as the Mostly Modern Festival (USA), Mostly Modern Festival (Netherlands), Lake George Music Festival, Iceberg Institute, Cortona Sessions for New Music, and Conducting Institute.

He is co-director of the South Florida Clarinet Project, a summer festival that fosters collaboration among student musicians, professionals, and educators in exploring
ever-developing new literature for the clarinet choir. This summer, SFCP celebrates its 10th anniversary, welcoming a collaboration with select members of the President’s Own
clarinet section.

Gaston resides in Boston, MA, where he works as an artistic fellow with the Eureka
Ensemble and Director of Operations for the Orchestra Book Club. He holds a BM in Music Composition from the University of North Texas, where he studied with Sungji Hong, Kirstin Soriano, and Bruce Broughton.

componist MMF 2024

Fynn Hoffmann

Fynn (Bonn, 2003) is componist en pianist. Op dit moment studeert hij Liberal Arts and Sciences in Middelburg met een focus op muziek, aangevuld met cognitieve neurowetenschappen.

Zijn muzikale leven begon op 4-jarige leeftijd met pianolessen bij Natalia Pavlova, Blair McMillen en Vitaly Samoshko. Sinds zijn 13e componeert hij ook muziek onder begeleiding van Christian Blaha en Anthony Fiumara. Ook componeert hij filmcompositie aan het Bard College NY onmet James Sizemore. 

Opmerkelijke masterclasses omvatten sessies piano bij Anna Gourari, Bart van Oort, Lestari Scholtes, en compositie bij Howard Shore, Manuela Kerer, Jan-Müller Wieland en Benjamin Schweitzer.

Fynn ontving prijzen in de Duitse Federale Competitie “Jugend Komponiert” in 2019 en 2020. Daarnaast liep hij stage bij operaregisseur Florentine Klepper en dirigent Kai Röhrig in het Mozarteum Salzburg in 2023, en zong hij onder Bernstein-student Mark Gibson in 2024. Zijn muziek gaat over het schuldgevoel van het luisteren naar verleidelijk naïeve schoonheid.

Naast muziek is hij lid van de Duitse Vereniging voor Wijsbegeerte en de Joseph Woelfl Society Bonn. Opmerkelijke niet-muzikale prestaties zijn onder meer een eerste prijs op de NCH International Essay Competition 2021 in psychologie en prijzen in de Federal Competition Philosophy Duitsland in 2019 en 2020.

componist MMF 2024

Olivia Jones

Olivia is a composer and clarinettist whose work aims to delve into the experimental and ethereal artistic spaces of sound making. Exploring the ways in which sounds merge and meld to create new timbres, Olivia’s compositions aim to tell stories of the human condition through sound, and to draw upon the strong bonds that exist within our shared human experiences.

Olivia’s work has been performed by American Modern Ensemble (New York), SoundSCAPE New Music Festival (Europe), Ensemble Mise-En (New York) and Horizons Ensemble (Boston). In 2024 Olivia will receive performances by Dior Quartet and Neave Trio. Olivia’s recordings can be found on Spotify, including a duo album of original compositions, Eunoia, with Argentinian vibraphonist Pauline Roberts, and their 2022 solo EP :: mxm :: featuring a suite of original electroacoustic compositions.
As part of their PhD at Melbourne University’s School of Jazz & Improvisation (Australia) Olivia experiments with handmade Arduino synthesisers digitally processed alongside their clarinet, in Ableton. This practice is part of their research on the history and sociology of improvised computer music. In addition to their PhD candidature they hold their Master of Music Performer-Composer from the New School, New York.

componist MMF 2024

Clovis Nicolas

Hailing from France, bassist and composer Clovis Nicolas moved to New York in 2003 and
joined the Juilliard School of Arts to study under bass legend Ron Carter and classical composer
Kendall Briggs. As a sideman, Clovis has performed and recorded in numerous venues with
some of today’s most prominent musicians, such as Herbie Hancock, Peter Bernstein, Jane
Monheit, Marcus Gilmore, Brad Mehldau and many others. He is featured on over thirty
critically acclaimed recordings, including Belmondo’s Hymne au Soleil which won three
Grammy Awards in 2004 and Samora Pinderhughes’s inter-disciplinary project The
Transformations Suite, to name a few.

In addition to those, Clovis released four albums as a leader on Sunnyside Records: Nine Stories
(Best Albums of the Year in DownBeat Magazine, 2014), Freedom Suite Ensuite (2018),
Autoportrait as a solo bass (CHOC Jazz Magazine, 2021) and The Contrapuntist (2023) which
showcases Clovis’ first recorded foray into classical music, featuring his string quartet Le Miroir
performed by the Ulysses Quartet.

Classical works:
Fugue for Symphonic Orchestra; Missa Brevis; Partita for Arco Double Bass; Motets based on
texts by Ste Therese de Lisieux; Sonata for piano; String Quartet Le Miroir; Seven Miniatures
for String Quartet; Fugues for piano; O Vos Omnes.


« Clovis Nicolas is a magician. » CLASSICA

« Nicolas distinguishes himself as a first-rate composer » DOWNBEAT

« Sure hand, elegant posture, tremendous precision on the fingerboard, Clovis Nicolas paces the
double bass like one breathes » LE MONDE

« The Contrapuntist is a “double-sided” album, even when played as a CD. First, the bassist
composed five pieces of a suite (Le Miroir), which he recorded in New York with a string
quartet. Then, a few months later, still in the Big Apple, he recorded the variations of a jazz
revisitation of each of the five movements of his classical work, diving into a bebop frenzy and
suddenly making the andante and scherzos groove diabolically, or lulling the shadow of an
adagio. The result is unprecedented, ambitious and – on both sides – truly fascinating. »

componist MMF 2024

Will Rand

Will Rand is a creative visionary who is passionate about spiritual wholeness, social justice, ecological wellness, and building new communal practices of healing in our world. Will has facilitated storytelling festivals where people shared stories of their lives, concerts cultivating a multiplicity of creative disciplines, and communal gathering spaces where people come to heal and be spiritually renewed. Will graduated from St. Olaf College where he received his Bachelor of Music in Composition. He has served local churches as a music minister in Seattle WA, Minneapolis MN, and Toledo OH. Will’s deep passion is creating in collaboration with co-conspirators who share the intention of bringing more healing, joy, and grace into the world.

componist MMF 2024

Austin White

Austin Jordan White is a composer, improvisor, and multi-instrumentalist from Tampa Florida, currently based in Rochester New York. Much of his work is inspired by concepts of intersectionality, mathemetics, neurodiversity, and social justice. He believes in community
building with diverse representation through and for promotion of new music ensembles and
living composers. As such, Austin has served as the previous president of the student
organization Living Music at his alma mater Pennsylvania State University and is currently the
Outreach Coordinator of Ossia New Music.

He has been involved with several multidisciplinary projects and workshops, such as Nick Cave and Bob Faust’s Identity and the Art of Introduction (2019) and University of South Florida’s SYCOM/CAM: Sponge Exchange (2020), both of which featured performances of his
collaborative works. Austin was also selected to attend Charlotte New Music Festival (2020), and
Longy’s Divergent Studio (2021), the latter of which he received the SEN grant from
Pennsylvania State University to attend. Additional SEN grants also allowed him to attend
soundSCAPE (2022), and ICEBERG Institute (2022).

This year Austin will be attending Mostly Modern Festival Netherlands (Zeeland) with generous fellowship support from the MMF institution and Eastman School of Music’s Professional Development Committee, as well as the VIPA Festival in Spain (Valencia). He will also be having a premiere of a dance commission at the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center in Rochester, NY during the dates of June 19th-22nd.

Austin has studied privately with Baljinder Sekhon, Sarah Genevieve Burkhart-Rice, Matthew Barber, and is currently studying for his MA in Music Composition with Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. Mikel Kuehn at Eastman School of Music.

componist MMF 2024

Hiradi Moradi
Hirad Moradi is a 20-year-old Iranian-Canadian composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist. He is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in composition at the University of Toronto.

Hirad is a conductor and co-founder of the Blank Canvas Sound Collective, an independent organization and chamber orchestra that he upstarted with peers in 2023 to promote and perform new music from local composers. In addition to this ambitious project, Hirad continues to perform as an active pianist for the University of Toronto’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, where he’s had the opportunity to work with globally renowned composers such as Magnus Lindberg, Zosha Di Castri, Ana Sokolovic, Donnacha Dennehy, Uros Rojko, and Marjan Mozetich.

Recently, Hirad participated as a composer fellow at the Atlantic Music Festival where he also performed as a percussionist with legendary violinist Midori Gotō and the AMF Orchestra.

Residing primarily in Toronto, Hirad has had several commissions around Canada from groups such as Concreamus and the University of Toronto Wind Symphony. He has also worked as a multimedia composer for several films, namely, Transfusion which was recently nominated at the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards.



de muzikanten

Het Mostly Modern Festival bestaat uit o.a. ensembles en een orkest die speciaal voor het festival zijn samengesteld.  Ontmoet hier alle muzikanten:

Mostly Modern Ensemble

MMF 2024

dirigent: robert paterson
Fluit: Lise de Munck
Hobo: Niels Pol
Klarinet: Marco Danesie
Piano: Rutger de Ronde
Percussie: Albert-John Vervorst
Percussie: Cora Dellebeke
Cello: Dave Eggar

Mostly Modern Orkest

MMF 2024

Dirigent: robert paterson

Fluit: Raymond Honing en Lucy Rubin

Hobo: Bram Kreeftmeijer en Niels Pol

Klarinet: Marco Danesi en Hugo Kweon

Fagot: Antoine Janssen en Liz Rosa

Trompet: Ko de Rooy

Hoorn: Gerhart Drijvers, Erik Peeters, Hanan Raman en Chander Beck

Trombone: Bart van Gorp en Colin Babcock

Tuba: André Vulperhorst

Percussie: Albert-John Vervorst, Cora Dellebeke, Michiel Buijsse en Roman Kolomiiets

Dior Quartet

MMF 2024

noa sarid | eerste viool

tobias elser | tweede viool

caleb georges | altviool

joanne yesol choi | cello

Neave Trio

MMF 2024

anna williams | viool

Mikhail Veselov | cello

eri nakamura | piano


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